Nan and Hugh Nicholson, Terania Creek

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‘We fought for this place. We lived there. We loved it.’

Soon after ecologists and conservationists Nan and Hugh Nicholson bought their property at Terania Creek, they got wind that Forestry was planning to log the neighbouring old growth rainforest. Adamant that this wasn’t going to happen, they got mobilised, as did others around them, and their home became the HQ for the famous campaign and Terania Creek Blockade to stop the logging. Years after saving the rainforest, Nan and Hugh were horrified to see that very rainforest on fire. They talk with ecologist and writer Anastasia Guise about their early activist years, the connection they forged with the forest over the years, working with the RFS and community to help stop the flames, and what they learnt about fires (and fire-fighting) during this time.

Interviewer, Anastasia Guise. Recordist and editor, Jarrah Dundler. Sound designer and mixer, Chris Wesely.